IKEA, Brainwashing Us?

Have you ever gone to IKEA and come out of the store 5 hours later, with absolutely no idea how you spent so much time in one place? Well now, we have an answer for you. This loss of time that you, and so many other people experience, is probably due to the fact that IKEA brainwashes you while you are looking for furniture. While navigating through the labyrinth that is IKEA, the Swedish company brainwashes you using the US’s consumerist ideology. They make you into a Swedish soldier, convincing you to join their cause. Because so many people have IKEA furniture, Sweden will be able to push us into submissiveness and gain world dominance. If you resist, your IKEA possessions will be taken away. The consumerist wish for an idyllic life gives IKEA, and therefore Sweden, power over us. So the next time you go into IKEA, be careful, and be aware of the lull of consumerism.


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