Alien Alliances?


Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? A beautiful mix of green, blue, and sometimes magenta, the Northern Lights are a magical phenomenon. A great place to go and experience the Northern Lights is in Sweden. Abisko, and Swedish Lapland, offer perfect views of the beautiful colors. This phenomenon seems innocuous until one takes a look at it from space. A different perspective on things can always change one’s opinion. From outer space, the Northern Lights from a circle, very much like, many say, a landing circle. Of course, you can say that the presence of aliens are bogus, and the fact that the lights form a circle are just coincidence. But recent findings in 2012 have suggested that the presence of aliens are real. There were pictures and videos taken of what looks like an alien face peering down from the sky, which is a little disconcerting, in my opinion. Go with me here, if aliens were real, why are the lights calling them to that specific area? Is the light maybe man-made to use the aliens for an ulterior motive? One has to ask himself this before disregarding the topic, just because there is so much overwhelming evidence to back this theory up. Is Sweden welcoming aliens to our planet so that the aliens can help further Sweden’s imperialistic plan for world domination? Will there be alien alliances, and will they put our lives in peril? No concrete information has yet been found of this alliance, but there is simply too much evidence to dismiss this theory.

Here is the photographic evidence acquired in 2012.


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