Swedish Fish, or Canadian Fish?


If a candy is named after a candy, one would expect to be made in that country, right? So why is Swedish fish made in Canada, and not Sweden? Well, let’s think about it. Canada is rich in natural resources, ranked 4th in most abundant resources. Canada has 17.8% percent of the world’s oil supply, which, by the way, is worth 33.2 trillion. I mean, if you take that into account, Canada is pretty great. What does Sweden have? Nothing, compared to Canada. So what do you think Sweden is trying to accomplish by making their candy in Canada? Well, Canada is geographically located right above the US. With NAFTA, free trade can ensue between the two nations, and maybe it is. Did you know that the same company that makes Swedish Fish also makes Sour Patch Kids? Well, they do, and Sour Patch Kids are a very popular candy in the US. If you’ve ever seen an advertisement for Sour Patch Kids, the little candies always come alive and mess up your life. But then they fix it all up. This explains their slogan, “sour than sweet,” but is the company trying to hint at something else? Are these candies coming alive a hint of what is to come? A coup using Sour Patch Kids? One can never be too careful. What if Sweden is trying to take over the US through Canada?? What happens when there are no more natural resources in Canada for Sweden to exploit? How easy would it be for them to infiltrate the US by going through Canada first? All I’m saying is that we should be aware of what Sweden is trying to plan. I mean it’s pretty genius, using little red fish in a complex scheme to invade the US. Who would ever suspect it?

If you haven’t yet seen a video of the Sour Patch Kids commercials, here is one to enjoy.


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